Homeowner Services

My services as your REALTOR® extend well beyond the closing table to help you maintain your home over the long term.  A home warranty is a great investment that insures peace of mind for all the major systems and applicances under your roof and can be renewed year after year.  Your home will also need regular maintenance for things like gutter cleaning, chimney cleaning, and a host of minor repairs.  Through the Home Service Connections® program, I can offer you the services of vendors you need on a regular basis.  These vendors are licensed, insured and reputable local businesses who want to help you to maintain the value of your home.


Additionally, you may want to do some renovation on a bathroom or a kitchen, add a deck or finish a basement, or even put on an entire addition.  The Home Service Connections® program offers a wide variety of service providers to work on the big projects as well as the small ones.  You can search the website for the vendors you need or simply call a Home Service Coordinator at 888-447-4244 from 9 am to 5 pm M - F.  This complimentary free service is something I provide to you as a way of supporting you as a homeowner all year round.


When you are ready to sell your current home, I will assist you with a whole host of other kinds of services – junk hauling, temporary storage, home staging, carpet cleaning and of course moving services.  Take advantage of this reliable sources of contractor services to keep your largest investment in the best possible condition.