What my clients and colleagues have to say...

Don Greenstein

“Tori is a true artist. She understands the Northern VA RE market, from staging, pricing to marketing.

On our first meeting Tori spent more than three hours with us helping us with suggestions and staging ideas. She brought in some of her own pillows to help make the appearance of our home look just right. It worked!

She took our home in the Tyson's area that had been on the market for almost a year and sold it during her initial open house (less than month from set up to sale). The price she helped us get was more than any of the other offers we had rejected with the prior agent.

Tori was patient, worked with us and shared her perspective honestly about the N.VA housing market, and how to quickly sell our house during difficult economic times that have hit the RE market. She was willing to do whatever it took to help us sell and get the price we desired.

I highly recommend you consider Tori when you are trying to sell a home! She's always smiling, energetic and patient. She never complained, even when we pushed back on her with our individual needs, questions or concerns. Bottom line- she got us a fair price and did it quickly.”

Sally Cole

“Tori McKinney is one of the most knowledgeable and successful Realtors in our area...she is also one of the most personable!

I know a number of people who have worked with Tori and every one of them has found that her services go well beyond buying or selling a home for them. She shares her knowledge generously and is a tremendous community resource, contributing time and funds to a variety of local nonprofit organizations, including but not limited to housing organizations and public education.

Tori is an exeptional Realtor and one of the reasons Falls Church is such a special community.”

Barbara Cram

“Tori is an exceptional human being, smart, generous with her time and talents. Her kindness and business acumen are combined to get wonderful results from all of her efforts, business and personal. I would recommend Tori for her honesty, vitality, integrity, and A-plus attitude in getting the job done, no matter the challenge.”

Evan Burlew

"Tori went above and beyond!"

Matt Mueda

“When prosperity pulled the plug on the loan less than a week before closing, Tori got a new loan agent for me. I would absolutely recommend her”

David Shapiro

“Tori was a fabulous agent.  She has a lot of integrity and is very honest.  She is also super energetic and responsive which is exactly what we needed.  We felt we were #1 with her, and priority above everything else.  She was also able to guide us through the process, which was invaluable being first time home buyers.  We interviewed several buying agents and she was leaps and bounds ahead of all of them”

Matt Rathje & Julie Talbert

“Tori kept us very informed throughout the entire process and was always available to talk. She was wonderful to work with – we are grateful for her!”

Julie Harris

You're so great!  It seems like I'm never able to make it to your fun events but I appreciate the joy that you bring to life for folks in Falls Church...and in your family, your friends, your community.  I'm so thankful that I call Falls Church home!  It is a very special place.  Almost like a little haven in the midst of the crazy Northern Virginia--Metro DC area. I appreciate that you do a lot in the community...in ways big and small.  You are the best spokeswoman for FC City that I know!

I love my little house on James Street and thank you for helping me find it...It was almost meant to be that we stumbled across it as the 4th house we looked at and it has been perfect in almost every way.

Take care,

Tommy Goodwin

 Tori is the head of Rock Star Realty... and it's appropriately named! She is a total Rock Star... she knows the market, she works great with her clients, and she is backed up by a world-class team. Stop reading this and call her right now!

Judy Tinelli

 We didn't know much about Tori when we decided to sell but I saw her sign in the neighborhood and decided to interview her along with the better known seller we were familiar with. Well, having talked with Tori, there was no question. She was our realtor! I can say absolutely negative about Tori and her team. She, and they, are fantastic. Always responsive, always professional, always great to deal with. And, if you need referrals such as movers, Tori has assembled a list of the best. Our house sold in two days, full price, with no contingencies. Now that is also a factor of a hot market, but she knew just how to act in that market. We cannot recommend her more highly. You can't go wrong with Tori and her team.

Jonathon Marks

 Within a three-year period, Tori helped us rent a house, buy and sell another and buy a third (hopefully we will stay put for awhile!). She was committed, always available and provided wise counsel to help us through some real challenges. As with many of Tori's clients, her devotion to achieving our real estate objectives and her engaging personality led to our becoming close friends.

Nancy Vorobey

In the late Fall of 2015, I decided to sell my home in Falls Church. It was my great, good fortune to engage Tori as my Agent to handle the sale.  In the weeks that followed, her efforts, both personal and professional on my behalf, were outstanding.  Her presentation of my home and her perseverance in finding a buyer, culminated in a very satisfying outcome for me.  Tori is a highly skilled and resourceful Agent and I would, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone contemplating the sale of their property.